Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Helping the Church in Africa

Dear Parishioners,

Last year Fr. Alfred Onyutha returned to St. Joseph’s Church, where he was previously assigned, to make a financial appeal on behalf of his parish and village in Uganda.  Fr. Alfred is a priest of the Catholic Diocese of Nebbi in Uganda.  We were also privileged to host Bishop (Msgr.) Sanctus Wanok, his Ordinary, for one weekend last summer.

Fr. Alfred received a generous amount of donations to make substantial progress on the church that is being constructed in his home village.   Fr. Alfred e-mailed me a letter today which I now share with you: 

Dear Friends and Brother Ed, 

Just to let you know how much you have contributed to building the House of God in this part of the continent of Africa (Uganda) and my home village. From praying in a grass thatched house to under a tree and now to a decent House of Prayer! The Lord will definitely bless your efforts because without you and your assistance this would be impossible. Thanks so much and God bless you all! 

My Bishop, Msgr. Sanctus Wanok, who remembers you fondly, was in my village to see the church. He was so pleased by the contributions of your parishioners. He has agreed to officially commission/open the Church in January of next year (even as people are already praying in it.) Invitations have been extended to you by him and my people to have you there in Uganda for a week or so. You are most welcome and we shall talk about the details later. 

We prayed for you and your intentions as we began the New Year (together with the intentions of the other donors). 

Thanks so much. 

Yours brotherly, 
Alfred Onyutha

It was a very special moment for me to read this letter and to view the attached photos of his church.  (I will post the pictures subsequently on our parish web-site and Facebook page for all to see!)

Although I realize that the Church is really made up of the People of God, it is certainly nice to have a beautiful building—a sacred space—in which to worship the Lord.  I personally thank all who were able to contribute to making this happen for Fr. Alfred and his people.

I am sure that if anyone else still wishes to help Father in the final stages of this church, he would gladly accept further assistance.  Just contact me and I will help make the arrangements!

Prayer, fasting and almsgiving—thanks to all who take that call seriously!

Fr. Ed Namiotka

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