Tuesday, May 3, 2011

More New Year's Resolutions

Dear Parishioners,

In the past I made a list of some possible New Year’s resolutions from a spiritual perspective.  Truly, I don’t know whether or not they were helpful or just something that was read and then thrown away.  I present a slightly revised list for your consideration this year.

Once again I suggest that you pick one or two that you might be able to incorporate successfully into your routine and to faithfully carry out.

 Here’s my revised list:

For those who need to be reminded of the basics (Catholicism 101):

·         Be faithful in Mass attendance each week

·         Pray in the morning and in the evening each day

·         Read a passage from the Bible each day

·         Pray daily before meals

·         Go to confession monthly

·         Be a good example to your children [take them to Church, teach them to pray, talk to them about God, teach them to share, be sure that they are receiving proper religious instruction (CCD or Catholic school), etc.]

·         Volunteer in and support your parish

Advanced Catholicism:

·         Find time for a daily Mass over and above the Sunday obligation

·         Spend an hour in Eucharistic Adoration each week

·         Say a daily Rosary

·         Volunteer to work at a church activity

·         Visit an elderly relative, friend or neighbor on a regular basis (weekly or monthly?)

·         Send a card or make a call to someone who has recently lost a loved one

·         Invite someone to go to Church with you

·         Call the parish priest about something that you need to do to for your spiritual benefit or growth (for example, investigate an annulment, complete any Sacraments that were not received, get some spiritual direction, etc.)

·         Purchase and read a spiritual book from a Catholic bookstore each month

·         Take the time to tell people that you might take for granted that you “love” them on a regular basis

·         Limit time in front of the TV or computer

·         Make a daily effort to smile more and complain less

·         Pray for someone whom you do not like or who has hurt you

·         Give a gift anonymously to someone needy (without expecting repayment of any kind)

Happy New Year and good luck!

Fr. Ed Namiotka


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