Sunday, May 19, 2013

Some Reactions to the "Mom" Song and Video

 Dear Father Namiotka,
                I read the story about you and your song in the newspaper today and I was immediately brought back to a time in my life when you helped me put my life situation in perspective.  It was 1988 and I found myself pregnant at 42 years old, already the mother of four.  I was torn between wishing that I did not have to have another child and knowing that I would never do anything to harm the unborn child that I carried.  I had just returned to teaching the previous fall, a career I had interrupted to have my family, only to find myself in the same situation again.  You were newly assigned to St. Matthew’s Church and talked to me like a friend, of your own family and how your place in that family had affected your life in such a positive way.  It was a brief exchange, but it made such a difference to me.  It helped me find the peace I needed and helped me see the beauty in what lay ahead for me and my family.  Months later, you baptized our L., a long awaited sister for my oldest daughter.
                Now 24 year later I am still brought to my knees by your kindness and the enormity of God’s love for me.  This last baby was the occasion for my older children to see first-hand how much time and attention it took to care for a child.  It gave them the opportunity to be part of that process and helped them to understand a mother’s love at a time when they could really appreciate it.
                How appropriate for me to read about your song and remember you on Mother’s Day.  Listening to the children sing your beautiful song and the video that goes with it brought tears to my eyes and made my day that much more special.  I hope my children always think of me as their “best friend like no other.”  Thank you for your kind words years ago and for the heartfelt words of your song.  May God bless you, always.
A. G. 

  • My compliments to the gentleman who wrote this song and to the children for singing it. I think more people should recognize their mothers as this video shows us. I think this song should be played on the Radio, every station, on every Mothers Day to show how much we truly love our Mothers and how special they are to us. Thanks so very much for sharing this I too will make sure this is shared on Facebook as well as many others. Again thanks so very much it touches the heart.~~L. P.

  • You kidz put a lump in this mother's throat. Thanks for the beautiful tribute!   S. C.

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  1. You blessed so many with this song. I am a Grandmother and get such joy thinking about the tribute to my Daughters and Daughter-in-law,my Mother and me and of course to every other Mother.However, my greatest joy is that my grandson is one of the Jerzy Kidz.