Sunday, November 18, 2012

No Better Way to Give Thanks

Dear Parishioners,

With Thanksgiving approaching, I think it is always a good practice to take the time to say “thanks” for the many gifts and blessings that we have in life.

First of all, I thank God that He has done so much in my life.  I thank Him for the gift of life itself, for health, for family, and for the gift of the ministerial priesthood.  I also give special thanks for you, my parishioners, whom I have the privilege of serving in this parish.  My list goes on and on.

I think that there is no better way to give “thanks” to God than by joining together for the Eucharist—the most perfect offering, the most perfect prayer of thanksgiving to God.  What a privilege to receive the precious Body and Blood of Jesus our Savior!  We remember Him at every Mass when He took ordinary bread and wine and changed these elements into the inestimable gift of Himself for us!  Please make it a priority to join our parish family each week around the altar to give thanks.


With regard to some parish business, the “cry room” in the back of church is now completed.  I hope that it is helpful for those parents with small children who may see them, at times, become unruly.  I ask that this room not be used as a playroom.  I love to see the children with the rest of the congregation, provided they are not a distraction for others.  This room is also not intended as a place for adults who seek alternate seating outside the body of the church.

This room will also become the new location for the Sacrament of Penance (Reconciliation / Confession) once the kneeler and screen are finished.  The room will provide two options for the sacrament:  anonymous (behind a screen) or face-to-face.

Also, the room can be used whenever we have weddings, so that the bridal party has a place to gather before the ceremony.

I think that this room will prove to be quite useful for many reasons.

For the safety of all, I request that all people be both attentive and careful in the church and school parking lots.  Nothing is more important than the safety of our parishioners!  In addition, if everyone parks in the designated areas and according to the designated patterns, we have many more spots available for our entire congregation.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving with your families!

Fr. Ed Namiotka


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