Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Dear Parishioners,
On March 25th each year I receive what most people receive at Christmas—an annual card from a friend.  Fr. Tom has chosen to send out Annunciation Day cards instead of the normal Christmas cards.  The bottom of his card reads: As long as our country treats the child in the womb as a  disposable item, I will continue to send my Christmas cards nine months early to proclaim to all the world that the child in the womb is sacred.  We must restore the dignity of all women.  They alone have the profound role as mothers to conceive humans.  Not only can they conceive humans but they can also nurture humans within their bodies.  
The card also reminds us:  And finally after nine months they give birth to humans who are our sons and daughters.  They do not grow pre-human life forms that become human once they leave a woman.  What an insult to women.  That to live inside of our mother is to forfeit human dignity.  

Jesus entered our world as a child in the womb of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary.  He revealed to us His Father in Heaven.  May we recognize Him in the least among us, even our unborn sons and daughters as we seek the Face of God together.
I wrote the following poem years ago when reflecting on the sacredness and value of each human life:
I Cried
I cried—no one heard me
                Yet I cried—
                For I was inside
                                Of my mother’s womb.

I longed to be held in her arms,
                To be fondled and caressed,
                To take milk from my mother’s breast
                                And to laugh.

Such beauty and warmth of life
                I could enjoy,
                Play with my first toy
                                And begin to love.

I could leave my print on the world:
                Wisdom to span the ages,
                As the knowledge of sages
                                Of years past.

Still, more than this all, I long for life
                --That gift God-given—
                And the chance to live in
                                His created world.

I cried—and no one heard me
                For I was inside of my mother’s womb.
                Little did I know it would be my tomb.
                                I cried.                                                                                   
© 1982 Edward F. Namiotka

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